John Reischman and The Jaybirds
Meet the Jaybirds - John Reischman
Meet the Jaybirds - John Reischman Meet the Jaybirds - John Reischman
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Contrary to a vicious rumor that has been circulating, the Jaybirds did not begin as a radical underground Western Canada political sect bent on relocating 49th parallel boundary monuments to claim the West Coast's finest bluegrass musicians for the Commonwealth. The simple fact is, it was always about music - the music of one man.

Fans of the Jaybirds know it is a shared loved of John Reischman's mandolin work that brought together this select and accomplished group of players. And there is little doubt that when the Jaybirds get together musically, something special happens; some have noted that other kinds of boundaries are shifting. Few can traverse the disparate landscapes of bluegrass and old-time as expertly as Reischman and the Jaybirds have. With each new recorded offering, this stellar group furthers its exploration of a unique musical geography where our timeless string-band traditions are renewed, expanded, and enhanced.

Whether setting the tone for a mournful ballad, laying in fills for one of the group's unique original compositions, or providing essential rhythmic foundation to breakneck speed bluegrass, John Reischman's mandolin acts as the sonic heart and soul of the band and its conceptual touchstone. He is a mandolin master of the highest caliber, having garnered praise from every corner of the music world for his tasteful, classic, and versatile technique bar-none. After cutting his teeth with West Coast groups of now-legendary status (the Tony Rice Unit, the Good Ol' Persons) Reischman has once again reached new heights with the Jaybirds; this time, it is with a singular sound built around his musical tastes and fortified by the intrepid spirit of his musical partners.