The Immigrant's Lament

John Reischman and Susan Crowe

You say you miss the land you love, the place where you were born
That one dark day you'll sail away, and I'll be left to mourn
You'll leave me here to mourn you dear, you'll leave me far behind
You're not the only hurt I've known, but you're the one I mind

I watch the evening sun go down, I wait for break of dawn
Though naught seems changed, all is bitter and strange, for my true love has gone
These days are long, these days are hard, these days they pass like years
These days all start with a heavy heart, these nights I drown in tears

I see the evening sun has gone, the trees are dark and still
These tears that fall won't change at all the love you're bound to kill
Someday when shadows creep and fall and linger round my door
I'll turn my eyes towards brighter skies and I'll walk with you once more

© 2007