My Home Far Away

C.E. Jones, James Leva, and John Reischman

If I never return to my home far away
It will not be because it's left my heart
Though I dearly loved my home
I was young and left to roam
In a foreign land I made a new start

I wish I could see the red buds blossom in the spring
Hemlock branches bow beneath the snow
Fireflies dancing in the summer night
In the fall the sourwoods fiery glow

I had hoped to bring my family there
To delight in my home with me
Where I played as a child
A land beautiful and wild
But I know that it shall never be


If I never return to my native home
It's because the home I knew isn't there
The creeks are running cloudy
With the mud from the hills
And the mountains that I loved are stripped bare


© 2007