She Could Have Loved Him

C.E. Jones

All he ever wanted, was a wife and a son
And a house with a garden
Where he'd grow things just for fun
So he worked and he saved
And he put it all away
And he asked her to marry
On a sunny summer day

And it's one more drink
And it's one more day
And maybe tomorrow
Things will go his way
But tonight he'll be thinkin'
Of what might have been
If she could have loved him, way back then

They bought a little house
With the roof fallin' in
And he worked and he fixed
'Til it was just like new again
And he gave her all she wanted
That was all he knew to do
'Cause if he could make her happy
Well then he'd be happy too


On the day that she left him
He vowed to his heart
No one else would ever hurt him
Or would tear his world apart
And so he kept at it
Until it was true
No one else could do the damage half as bad as he learned to


© 2007