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Almost April FOol's day!

March 31, 2014

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family,

In honor of this being the day before April Fool’s, there will be no pranks or hyperbole and no misinformation whatsoever in this newsletter. None.

News around the nest:

The Jaybirds have their own YouTube channel, including some brand new rarely-seen-before videos shot by the brilliant Matt Miles. Check that out here, and if you are a regular YouTuber, please be sure to subscribe and stay updated on all of our videos. Feel free to share it around and get us a little more traffic. We like traffic. We love it. Except when we’re stuck in it. Like that time in Los Angeles…

Nick is putting final touches to his new CD—twelve old-time tunes done in a variety of tasteful, innovative settings. Be the first one on the block to place your pre-order for it by emailing him here: If you tell him a joke he’ll give you a nickel discount.

Jim and John are getting underway with production on Justin Bieber’s new folk and bluegrass album—Beebs Unplugged—which will include favorites like, “I Know What it Means to be Loathsome,” “Not Doin’ My Time,” “Egged Your Mansion on the Hill” and “Drink Up and Don’t Go Home.” Current plans are for the touring band to feature all the Jaybirds in sequins, dance moves choreographed by Miley Cirus…


And now a few words about our upcoming California trip. Don’t miss it! We know it’s been a long dry winter down there, so we’ll be packing a supply of Pacific Northwestern humor and moisture (and jam and CDs and books and DVDs). If you haven’t got your copy already, we’ll have plenty of John’s fantastic new solo CD Walk Along John on hand, too!

Here’s where you can catch us:

April 3rd: The Little River Inn in Mendocino, one of our very favorite places in the world to play and to stay. The food is great, the beds are comfy, the rooms are roomy, the tubs have jets. It’s just too bad about the coastal views, but what can you do? Make it a weekend getaway! Come on out and enjoy the show. More info here:

April 4th: Chico, Trinity United Methodist Church—concert presented by the California Bluegrass Association’s Butte/Tehema Vice-President, Lucy Smith. Some of the proceeds from this event will go to raising money for the CBA’s Youth Academy. What could be better than catching a live show and helping a bunch of kids camp out and learn to pick and sing at the Father’s Day Festival in Grass Valley, at the same time? For more info, contact Lucy Smith at

April 5th: Winters at the Palms Playhouse—one of our favorite places to pick and sometimes to pick walnuts and tomatoes, and sometimes to eat them. A quick bike ride from downtown Sacramento or Davis on the tomato truck roads for all you Davis-Sacramento area fans. Come on out! More info at:

April 6th: Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA! For this show we’ll be teaming up with young local phenoms Molly Tuttle and John Mailander, who will open the night and later grow extra arms to join us for twin fiddles, twin guitars, twin banjos, twin mandolins (no twin bass, sorry—that would require drums and dancers and tie-dye…and well…that would just be too much fun for one stage). We can’t wait! More info at:

April 8th the Jaybird quartet (no Greg—gotta go home and peck on his students) will appear at the Cottonwood Performing Arts Center in Cottonwood CA. This will be our first ever appearance in Cottonwood. We’re excited! More info about that show here:

And lastly, from April 11-14, John, Jim and Trisha will be at the Walker Creek Music Camp. If you hate hearing great music, learning cool new things on your instrument, jamming, eating amazing quantities of delicious food, bird watching and hiking around some of the most magical scenery on the California coast, this is definitely not the place for you. But if you think you might enjoy some of that get more info here:

We’re looking forward to this, and looking forward to seeing all of you!

Greg, John, Nick, Trisha, Jim

Year-end, holiday season newsletter

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family!

Can it be? Time for the year-end, holiday-season Jaybirds newsletter and final date announcement again? So soon! Where does the time go?

It’s been a great year for the band, with travels from one end of the continent to the other, and stops just about everywhere between. From all of us to all of you, new fans and old, hugest heartfelt thanks for all your support and generosity this year and (we hope) in the years to come. We couldn’t do it without you!

Now a quick recap of news from around the nest:

John’s finally finished with all recording and production on his brand new solo CD “Walk Along John.” Exciting! The disc includes many great new John Reischman originals (and one older original, re-cut) and features: Chris Thile, Kenny Smith, Tony Trischka, Bruce Molsky, Chris Coole, Eli West, the Jaybirds, and many others. He’ll have it for sale at all of our upcoming shows (see below) and should also have it out for online purchase before too long. Hopefully in time for all your holiday shopping needs!

Jim’s been hard at work on a new “Soldiers Stories” CD with Nell Robinson down in Pasadena CA, produced by studio heavyweight Joe Henry, and featuring superstar appearances from the likes of Kris Kristofferson. Keep an eye out! It will be good. He’s also starting work with David Grisman on a new Doc Watson tribute CD. And keep an eye out for his latest duo recording with Nell Robinson, due out any day now. Meanwhile, if your holiday shopping plans include a need for any Jim Nunally guitar instructional DVDs or recordings, visit his website, Remember, it’s never too late to start playing like Jim, or at least trying to…or encouraging loved ones to get a little better by trying!

Trisha’s news: jam, jam, jam, jam, and more jam. After one of the busiest harvesting and canning seasons on record, she’s down to her last few jars of award-winning “berry best” raspberry jam. Get yours at a show this weekend or…wait until next year sometime!

Greg has been putting the final touches on a new book of short stories, Half as Happy, due out in April of next year. Pre-order your copy now and have it in time for some early beach reading! Or if you can’t wait that long, here’s a link to his latest novel, Inukshuk.

Nick was too busy waxing the runners on his sled and feeding the reindeer to give us any real life news updates.

Now here’s where you can catch us this weekend. Come on out if you can!

Trisha, Greg, John, Nick, Jim

Summer Newsletter!

June 27, 2012

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family!

Happy summer! Sunshine, swimming, sucking on popsicles, singing along to your favorite Jaybirds CD with the windows rolled down, swinging in the hammock, strolling on the seashore, sniffing the syringa blooms, savoring the sounds of the latest Jaybirds CD on your back deck while the steaks sizzle…enough with the flowery alliteration, right?

Let’s just say, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, we do hope you’re enjoying the season!

Now for some news from around Jaybird HQ:

John has been busy packing to move. Not much to add to that. He’s been packing and sorting and unearthing so much interesting stuff in the process, he says he feels like an archeologist. Baby teeth, live recordings and posters from old Jaybirds shows, sixth grade yearbook pictures, and one really fantastic discovery: this signed shot of Kenny Baker, which inspired Greg to dig out his cowboy hat from his old High Country days and strike a pose.

The picture is already spoken-for. Sorry.

Later in the summer John will take a break from packing and excavating to teach at Rockygrass, July 22-27.

Trisha reports that raspberry season is in full swing and early first-run jars of 2012 raspberry jam are available! So fresh the jam is still hot! Sweeter than ever! If Robert Parker rated jams in addition to wine we’re sure he’d give this vintage at least a 95. If you want to take some home, come on out to a Jaybirds show near wherever you live.

Greg’s new novel INUKSHUK is out and available for purchase from a bookstore near you, or anywhere in the world on-line, like here, at Amazon. So far, one very nice starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.

Jim will be teaching at one of the biggest, oldest music and dance camps in the world, from July 27-August 4: The Lark in the Morning music camp. In addition to sharing his unparalleled expertise with strums and walks, we hope he’ll work on his highland step dancing for potential inclusion in future Jaybirds shows. For other news and info about where and when to catch Jim, check out his website.

Nick is hard at work at Creekmore's Coffee coming up with his own Jaybirds, banjo-blend coffee roast. He says he’s going for something sweeter than a light roast, full-bodied but grassy, and balanced with an acid snap. Only reason it’s taken so long is because of his two-finger method of picking the beans.

And now here’s where you can catch us in the coming weeks. Hope to see you out there!

Greg, John, Trisha, Jim, Nick