On That Other Green Shore (purchase here)

On That Other Green Shore showcases an accomplished, experienced band at the peak of their powers, with musicianship of the very highest order.

The Jaybirds put their own particular stamp on bluegrass, old time and acoustic roots music, with a satisfying blend of traditional and modern styles, and they also give the impression that they really enjoy playing together. There’s plenty here to please both bluegrass traditionalists and lovers of modern American folk music, especially for those with an appreciation of great harmony singing as well as masterful instrumental playing.

– Folk Radio U.K.


On a Winter’s Night (purchase here)

On A Winter’s Night from John Reischman and the Jaybirds is the most refreshing Christmas collection I’ve heard in a long time. It collects eight songs of the season that are not the same old, same old. These aren’t just Christmas tunes played in a bluegrass style. They are folk songs on the subject of Christmas. From the lead-off “I Heard From Heaven Today” to the closing song, each tune resonates with a joy and spirit of the holiday.

– Bluegrass Unlimited

Vintage & Unique (purchase here

Another polished gem showcasing the band’s trademark blend of old-time influences with a bluegrass twist, The Jaybirds offer their most wide-ranging effort to date, exploring a musical universe that glows throughout with bright, intelligent songs and instrumentals.

The multi-genre repertoire highlights the best of traditional and contemporary acoustic music, with all five band members again contributing new material — eight of the album’s 14 numbers are certifiably fresh originals.

“Vintage & Unique has everything one could ask for in a great bluegrass recording; Exciting new originals, a couple of great traditional numbers, razor sharp picking, and strong, distinctive singing. And of course any opportunity to hear the best bluegrass mandolin player in the business is just icing on the cake.” — Scott Tichenor, Mandolin Cafe

Stellar Jays (purchase here)

A Juno nominated CD featuring original material from all five band members as well as songs from the public domain.

“Clarity, energy, good ensemble work, classy originals and an adventurous approach to Folk and Bluegrass standards… bluegrass and acoustic music fans take note of a fresh breeze from the north.” — Kerry Dexter, Folkwax

“Aces in writing, instrumental and vocal departments… a true collaborative effort from this West Coast amalgamation of Canadian and American bluegrass musicians, and worthy of repeated listenings and then some.” — Peter North, The Edmonton Journal

“The instrumentals on this CD are flawless and innovative whether the tune being played is a traditional or an original. Bash Bish Falls, written by the band’s fiddle player Gregory Spatz shows off the lightning speed and laser precision The Jaybirds are capable of. — Victory Review

Road West (purchase here)

The third album from John Reischman and the Jaybirds: a powerful follow-up to the band’s acclaimed “Field Guide” CD. Many more originals, traditional tunes given a Jaybirds arrangement, as well as songs by the likes of Don Stover and Harold Hensley. Nominated for an IBMA Award.

“Any argument about John Reischman & the Jaybirds being a leading bluegrass band can be settled by listening to their exceptional third album, The Road West.” — Billboard

“… a relentlessly infectious, impeccably played outing. What ultimately stands out on The Road West is the blue-ribbon quality of the musicianship.” — No Depression

Field Guide (purchase here)

Nominated in the Roots and Traditional category for Canada’s most distinguished recording arts award, The Juno.

“Top-notch musicians and singers deliver an unusual repertoire of originals, bluegrass classics, and old-time music.” — Top CDs of 2003, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, February 2004

“One of the finest Bluegrass projects of this year… You will play this one over and over” — Bluegrass Breakdown, June 2004

“Together they produce music that is seamlessly excellent…” — Sing Out, Fall 2004

John Reischman and the Jaybirds (purchase here)

Debut CD featuring original material, songs from contemporary songwriters (Susan Crowe, Gillian Welch) and songs from the public domain.

“…With plenty of variety, a distinct style, an excellent selection of songs, and impeccable musicianship, this album should turn out to be one of the most sophisticated bluegrass releases of the year” — Dirty Linen

“…Running through each cut on this CD is an extraordinarily high level of selective musical artistry that creates a deceptive simplicity. I don’t doubt that each of these folks is a monster talent fully capable of executing dazzlingly complex music, but on this project they are laser-focused on selecting the right number of notes to move the music forward… Whether it’s a bluegrass or old time tune, the Jaybirds are exercising tremendous restraint individually and collectively to produce elegant music as a band.” — Flatpicking Guitar Magazine